Squirrel War is inspired by true events (really).

When I was a teenager my mum relayed news to me of a great tragedy: something had dug up all of the baby pak choi in our garden. Quel désastre!! What ensued was a Basil Fawlty-esque attempt to get rid of the vegetable patch vandal, which was obviously a squirrel either looking for food or just trying to stash it. I have no idea where my mum found some of the crazy suggestions she tried out as she could barely turn on the computer back then – and still can’t – but the day I saw her come in from the garden holding a pepper grinder I knew I had to document this battle of attrition (being waged by the squirrel on my mum).

Thanks for reading! If you have a squirrel-related story suggestion for a comic strip, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll credit you if I use it.


Tessa Cheung - Squirrel War artist


I’m also the artist behind Prop Door Illustrations.

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