Dramatic Intro

New Neighbo(u)r

Safe Storage

Damn You

Take That

Got Your Nuts

Now What


Fatso 2

What The Hell


Just Dropped In

Traumatic Flashback

Who Ya Gonna Call

It’s Not Just Raccoon Dogs You Know

Cunning Plan


Down the Rabbit Hole

The Real World

He Don’t Like Cricket

New Guy

Bird(man) vs Squirrel(man)

Dawn of Skirmish

Too Big For Little Minds

Come Fly With Me

Squirrel Civil War

Dramatic Intro 2

Safe Storage 2

Got Your Nuts 2

The Legend is Real

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part I

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part II – He Came From the East

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part III – WMD

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part IV – Learning From the Master

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part V – Hoomun. Nature.

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part VI – Scrotal Annihilation

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part VII – 狸とリスの戦い

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part VIII – Happy Ending

Big Nuts’ Tale: Part IX – Bad End

Déjà Vu

Soft Landing

We Have the Technology

The Four Thousand, Five Hundred and Nine Pound Squirrel*

The Superanimals

Something Different..?

Love That Buzz




The Horror


Not Today

Fatso 3

Merry Christmas, Hoomuns



Apocalypse NYE


So Resolute

Squirrel Appreciation Day

The Other 364 Days


Smooth Operator


Welcome to the House of Pain

Nuts Away

New Guy 2

Rumour Mill


Don’t Turn Around

The Most Badass of the Small Mammals

He Ain’t Heavy (Well Actually, He Is)

Keeping It in the Family

Feel Another Tale Coming On…

Bruce’s Tale: Part I – Brothers

Bruce’s Tale: Part II – Role Model

Bruce’s Tale: Part III – The Cat Returns

Bruce’s Tale: Part IV – Noble Sacrifice

Bruce’s Tale: Part V – Brother, Dear Brother

Bruce’s Tale: Part VI – Revengeance 2

Bruce’s Tale Part VII – Squirrel of Misfortune

Making Up For Lost Time


The Horror II – Happy Halloween, Hoomuns

Tragically Cut Short

Happy Holidays, Hoomuns

Happy February